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About Uros Khantati

Floating homestay in traditional dwellings among the totora reeds

Enjoy a unique stay on Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake. Located in the high Andean plateau between Peru & Bolivia, Uros Khantati is one of over 50 small islands in an extraordinary archipelago of floating reed islands populated by the Uros, an ancient indigenous people.

Khantati, is an authentic rural homestay you won't find anywhere else. You're provided with a living hands-on experience among the reed islands of Lake Titicaca in reed built accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and always ecologically friendly.

Preserve this unique ecological and cultural wonder by staying with native people in their floating homes

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Uros Khantati

Puno, Peru
Bed & Breakfast

Floating homestay in traditional dwellings among the totora reeds
Experiences Thrill, Wild,

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