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Valentines Day with UHOTW

Posted By Sid on Feb 15, 2016 at 4:46AM

Valentine's Day with Unusual Hotels of the World- 

Sid thought he'd ask 5 questions about Valentine's day to Steve Dobson , Co-Founder of Unusual Hotels of the world, (clearly a man!), and Sharla Ault, Regional Editor (quite obviously a woman). 

Let's see how their answers stack up!

1 - What  is the most Magical Unusual hotel in your group:

D: While every property is magical with the right person, The Ice hotel in Sweden is an absolute winner. I love the cold. The Huskies, Crisp skies, Northern Lights - and the the hospitality of the Saami.

A: TreeHotel in Sweden, sleeping  in a giant birds nest  high on a treetop  in the middle  of a pristine forest...  absolutely incredible.

2 - The most erotic

D:  That has to be Propeller Island in Berlin - there are some erotic rooms  bordering on the seriously scary. It unlocks a wilder you and gives you a taste of naughtiness!

A: The Hotel Particulier in Paris - it's erotic, decadent and in a part of Paris  known for its sexy side.

3 - The most fun:

D:  The Crane hotel in Harlingen where you get to work the crane yourself and spin it round , every boy's dream !

A:  Vintage Vacations, in a trailer dating from 1946.  So cool to stay there and listen to music from the 40's  , cook breakfast and eat off of plates over 50 years old  and run across the lawn to the toilets.

4 - And the most romantic:

D: Ca' Maria Adele  in Venice.  The city itself is so romantic, arriving  at night by gondola, the luxurious rooms,  breakfast in bed... it  oozes romance. 

A:  Ana Yela in Marrakech.  The candles, the fireplace, the enormous bathtub, the pool in the centre of the Riad... it's as romantic as it comes.

5 - So you can probably go anywhere you want on Valentine's  day, where will go you this year?

D: Curled up on a secret sofa…

A: Um, I don't have a trip planned, but I must celebrate  50 Valentine's days throughout the year, so, no worries . . 

Any words of advice to couples that have not done anything to plan for Valentine's day ?

D: Ignore Valentines “Day”. It’s not long enough. Remember that everyday is special if you can share a little love with someone, so focus on a Valentine Life, celebrating with a smile every day.

A: no problem!  Pick up a book of Unusual Hotels of the World and give that as a gift.. but the real gift is that he or she gets to pick where to go on a weekend. I would LOVE that!

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