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Lets go Vintage!

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Let's go Vintage!


For day two, it's on to Vintage Vacations where the perky Helen awaits, enthusiasm bursting from every pore. She’s so easygoing and fun, you can tell this place was all her idea. As an ex set designer she put all she had into restoring the dozen-odd Airstream caravan as well as the interior decorating. Mad for all things vintage, she has fitted each unit with period accessories, right down to the choice of music you can play inside. I had  the luck to sleep in a 1946 ubercool Spartan Manor. I was feeling Grandma's groove big time! Each caravan is equipped  with full kitchen and shower but for your toilet needs you have to walk across the grass to the common loos. I'm told this has a very positive effect on the aroma inside the caravans.  


There’s also “the shack” where you can buy a vintage frock, book or postcard, and a shop with all the fixings for a full English brekkie. If no one’s around, no worries, just leave your money in the tin, but chances are you'll find Helen; popping up from one caravan or another, clearly loving what she does.


Helen and partner Fraser also have some other properties nearby: a tin mission church and a few bungalows for hire... all in perfect vintage style.


Groovy, baby!


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