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Meike designs a Big Splash

Posted By PrincessRoxy on Jun 23, 2015 at 5:09AM

Perhaps you don't know Meike van Schijndel? Perhaps you don't know some of her design history?? Princess Roxy met her at the Fuori Salone - the week-long design show in Milan, in the trendy Tortona design district.

Meike designs a Big Splash

Meike was attending in conjunction with the Milan Furniture fair, and met with GoUnusual to highlight her own work as well as that of other Dutch designers from Bathroom Mania.

Meike designs a Big Splash

Photo Coen Dekkers/BNO

As you can see, her work is certainly unique, unusual and stunning. For more details and to purchase, contact Bathroom Mania for international export.

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