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Kick Ass Valentines Day

Posted By PrincessRoxy on Feb 27, 2018 at 8:03AM

If you are reading this, you are probably not the type to pick up a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates from your local garage for Valentine's day. Our very own Princess Roxy suggests that you might like to make a statement to show that you're different, so GoUnusual is here to help with 10 last minute kickass ideas:

10. Be Different:

Take your partner out any night they wants EXCEPT Feb 14, as you'll get better service, pay less, and offer something that not so "usual". Make sure you give them a certificate on the day to explain it though! Special bonus, pack an overnight bag and take them to an Unusual place for the night, our themed suggestions <here>

9. Be Playful:

Play the GoUnusual dice game: Pick out 6 places from the GoUnusual guide and roll a dice to choose where you'd like to go.

8. Be Surprising:

Make a youtube or WhatsApp video for them with a message and post it. Or Sing I Love You into the phone and send it!

7. Best place to propose: 

Molja Lighthouse, Alesund, Norway. Get there with cheap flights on Norwegian Air.

Kick Ass Valentines Day

The hotel guest book is filled with acceptances!

6. Get out of your Rut:

Crazy Bear - Beaconsfield is the place to try right now.

Kick Ass Valentines Day

5. Acknowlege a motor passion:

V8 Motor themed hotel, near Stuttgart.

Kick Ass Valentines Day

4. Kid-free getaway:

Boundary - Terence Conrans homage to design gurus in the Über trendy Spitalfields area of East London.

Kick Ass Valentines Day

3.  Feel sexy:

Try out Solent Forts - and enjoy their luxury fort experience.

Kick Ass Valentines Day 

2. Over the top romance:

Ana Yela in Marrakech. Cheap flights from EasyJet. Bargains in the Bazar?

Kick Ass Valentines Day

1. Be adventurous!

The TreeHotel in Northern Sweden gives year round WOW>

Kick Ass Valentines Day

Until April you've got a chance to enjoy the Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis.

Can't decide? Buy the latest Unusual and Unique Overnight guide?

Kick Ass Valentines Day

Buy it <here>

Happy Valentines Day from Sharla and the GoUnusual team.

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