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Finding the most unusual film

Posted By PrincessRoxy on Jul 31, 2015 at 5:47PM

71st Film Festival in Venice

- Finding the most unusual film

With a full array of obscure films, one has captured our heart at GoUnusual: The Boxtrolls.  Much more than a 3-D animated feature, this film was “lovingly created by hand”  as it says in the credits, using the stop action technique.

This method shoots one frame at a time with dolls that are moved by hand to create the animation, and just to give you a idea, it takes one week to shoot two minutes of film. The simple fact that anyone would go to those extremes to create a film like this in the digital era of animation, is crazy… or phenomenal. 

Add the Oliver Twist-inspired plot and the complex Rube-Goldberg backdrops and you have a film brimming with heart and soul, one of those films you get lost in and you don’t want it to end.  Yet what an end!. When the last credits have rolled, there is a sequence showing just how many movements it takes to make a scene come to life, while the characters are musing over their manipulating masters.

We found some parallels with our own existence at GoUnusual.

One: You have to do things with all your heart, no matter what the cost,

Two:  Really great things take time.

Boxtrolls, just so you know, GoUnusual thanks you for letting us appreciate those little movements that make a world of difference.




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