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Finding Courage on Mount Pilatus

Posted By PrincessRoxy on Mar 29, 2016 at 12:37PM

Plucking up my courage on Mount Pilatus

Half way up the mountain we make a stop at the adventure park. Aren't these places for kids? Ignoring  my fear of heights I get suited up for my adventure.  After a short briefing about how to use the clips and zip line attachment find myself climbing a 15 foot-high pole, clipping and unclipping myself all the way up. The upside is, there's no time to be afraid because you are too busy clipping yourself on and off.  Once at the top it's time to hook on your pulley and zip down and across to the other side, Tarzan-style. 

Since I was up first there was no time to hesitate... well, there actually was, but because we were on the beginner zipline, my embarrassment for being a chicken gave me that stimulus to take the plunge. We were told to break with one hand on the upper wire and I overdid it, so I had to swivel around  and pull myself up backwards.  So far so good.

Next, we head to the intermediate level, over 20 feet high. At the top was a line with swinging logs placed horizontally. The trick isto place your foot in the middleto avoidswaying wildly from side to side. With every ounce of concentration I slowly made  my way to the end, only to find another course to conquer, this time with the logs placed vertically in frontof me. With all the grace of a circus performer (not!) I inched my way to the end.  Next, a zipline that didn't require braking - After checking my zipline roller about 50 times, I set off... and  made it. The following obstacle was a single steel wire that I was supposedto walk, while holdingon to shoulder-high wires on each side.  My shaking legs caused tremors through the wire and I found myself mustering all my balance to stay upright. 

But I did it.

Fear of falling is a powerful thing. This accomplished, it was time for the extremely long zipline that we were toldto "make sure and brake, otherwise you will crash at the end". That warning was enough for me and I asked Evelyn for some help. She kindly offered to go down the zipline with me in tandem, hooked up together somehow, and all I had to do was hold on (for dear life) Needless to say, putting my life in the hands of an expert was a wise thing: that's why I am here to write about my experience.

Once it was all over, it was a huge rush (even with my little "wimp-out moment" at the end) and the question everyone asks me is: Would I do it again?

Um. ...

Next  question, please?

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