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The Magic of Goa

Posted By Pradeep on Oct 31, 2011 at 4:57AM

Goa is about a seven-hour flight from anywhere in Europe, making it more accessible than the Caribbean and therefore a direct winter sun rival to brassy Dubai. Return flights can cost as little as 425 pounds.

The allure of Goa is its weather, its beaches, its churches and temples, its food and drink and of course the Goans!

·       The weather is fabulous from after monsoon season in October right up until late April

·       The white and beige sand is pristine, the water in the Arabian Sea clean and warmer than in most parts of the world.

·       While the beaches are where Goa partys, inland is where Goa relaxes best and most alluringly. Along any winding back road, hidden behind the banana and coconut trees, are colonial mansions and villas, painted in vivid primary colors, with bright-red tiled roofs and lacy wooden trim.

·       All of Goa’s churches, most built between the 16th and 17th centuries, are now UNESCO World Heritage sites

·       No matter how much you have, in this former Portuguese colony your money goes a long way

·       While fish and feni are the most popular food and drink there are tonnes of other options to tickle the taste buds, coconut and spice being the main additives to the meats and vegetables.

·       The Goans are fun-loving people who live by the credo -Eat drink and be merry. The term “Susegad”  describes the more relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life of the Goan

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is celebrated during the new moon between late October and early November. It is a celebration of the defeat of evil demon Ravana at the hands of the Lord Rama when Rama’s army of monkeys went to retrieve his wife Sita who was in captivity in Ravana’s kingdom of Lanka. During Diwali, the homes of all Hindus sparkle with divas (oil lamps), doorways are strung with marigold garlands and the air is filled with a crescendo of firecrackers after dark.

There are two UHOTW properties currently in Goa - Elsewhere Beach houses, a collection of dwellings, including the old bakery and fishermans family accommodation, right on a secluded beach. Also Otter Creek tents, which have traditional bedroom and bathroom facilities, next to an old pineapple plantation, seconds from the beach.

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