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Posted By MustafaGorgun on Feb 29, 2012 at 7:18PM


-a fairytale land with natural wonders, a preserved in the middle of the Anatolia region.

Located to the southwest of Kayseri city where you'll find airline and railway transport to İstanbul and Ankara, Cappadocia has today become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Visited by thousands of people each year from all over the world, it has unique geological, historic and cultural features which make the region unique.

The region is best known for its fairy chimneys. These interesting rock formations have been formed as a result of erosion in ancient times and are a real miracle with a magical beauty. Best examples can be seen in UrgUp, Pasabag and Çavusin.

Göreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most popular of monastic communities in Cappadocia. You will see several rock carved churches and chapels with amazing frescoes inside, remaining from the 9th to 11th centuries.

It’s also a must to see the underground cities from prehistoric ages, which were some of the most important sites for spreading of Christian faith. Favourite ones include Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı. Traditional Cappadocian houses carved into the stone show the uniqueness of the region. These houses are constructed at the foot of the mountain using rocks or cut stone. You must also stop at Avanos, a town famous for its traditional pottery workshops.

Hiking is popular in the Ihlara Valley and Soğanlık Valley. Along the way you'll discover many authentic Turkish villages such as Güzelyurt, Selime, Ayvali, Mustafapaşa and Saruhan, a restored 13th century caravanserai.You can take a lunch break in one of those villages, taste local tastes of Anatolia and see many examples of civil architecture of caravansarais, madrasahs, mosques and mausoleums.

If you plan a trip to Cappadocia; you have certainly to stay in a cave hotel for a real Cappadocia experience. The best cave hotel complexes for accommodation are in Ürgüp, Göreme, Guzelyurt, and Uchisar. Tried and tested, UHOTW recommend the unique Museum Hotel, the first luxury Cave Hotel in the region, founded by Ömer TOSUN (the owner of İndigo Group) – one of the most reformist investors in the region. Others are also available in the UHOTW guide.

Ömer is also an antique collector of Ottoman, Seljuk, Roman and Hittite Empire artifacts, and makes guests feel the sense of staying in a living museum as he shows them Cappadocian culture with all aspects. All of the rooms,restaurants and outdoor areas are decorated with real antiques. Each of 30 rooms has a special concept and a panoramic view of Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley and Mount of Erciyes. The Hotels Motto is to make each guest feel special and their holiday unforgettable. The concierge team can book any tour and activities in the area. You can ask them about any of your special requests as the terrace area of the hotel is a perfect place for boutique wedding organizations!!

The most popular activity besides that I can recommend is to do a hot air balloon flight, This is the best way to see the big picture and magical atmosphere. You will watch the sunrise in Cappadocia landscape gliding from the sky through the valleys and witness the beauties of Cappadocia from a different perspective. Definitely a must to do..

Don’t miss to watch after dinner the whirling dervishes ceremony which is offered as a mesmerizing dance show. It’s both a worshiping way of dervishes to Mevlânâ Celâleddin-i Rumî and a part of Turkish local culture as well. It’s a definitely must-see experience. 

You can take an open buffet breakfast or a romantic set menu dinner outside in the valley as a very special experience in summer or spring warm weather.

Horses and History

The Cappadocia name was first used by Persians as “Katpatuka” which means the land of beautiful horses. Today, the region stays loyal to its name and still offers visitors a horseback riding activity that gives them the opportunity to traverse endless valleys and mountains by horseback. The activity takes 2 hours and you’re joined by a horse trainer.

Alternatively, you can join morning walking tours with Mr. Ömer TOSUN to explore the valleys of Cappadocia and immerse yourself in real local life in Anatolia. The symbolic amount collected from participants is donated to the Local Children Charity of Cappadocia for needy children education.

Perhaps you'd like to try Cross Golf an enjoyable activity first conceived in Cappadocia in 2009. Cross Golf doesn’t harm nature and is an example of one of the first “Responsible Tourism” concepts in Turkey.

If you’re interested in cooking and want to learn more about traditional Anatolian cuisine, you can join cooking lessons given by Lil’a Restaurant and their internationally awarded cuisine chief.

In Cappadocia, tours and visits are not recommended on your own, but always with a guide. There are  several reasons for this, one of which is that Cappadocia is not a metropolis like Istanbul but a local region and the roads are very complicated and rough, not easy to drive if you’re not a professional. The history of places to visit needs to be explained by someone who knows it.

A vehicle with driver and a professional guide special to you is the best way to visit the region. Cappadocia is unique and has many things to explore and discover - perhaps in your soul as a lifetime experience too. With a group tour, you can’t feel the special atmosphere of the region because you will be dependent on the other participants. If you’re alone, you can stop hiking for example and enjoy the magical valley view for as long as you want.

Cappadocia is an amazing experience you will never forget.