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September Events

Posted By John Willison on Oct 06, 2017 at 6:46AM



Zurich, Switzerland, September

The FOOD ZURICH culinary festival takes place across the entire city of Zurich in September. Venues include not only restaurants, hotels and street kitchens, but also more unusual locations such as the Zurich airport or the lower levels of Zurich’s main station. Over 11 delicious days, gourmets and adventurous eaters can try new foods and drinks, practice their cooking skills, experience unique dinners and discover new trends.


Food Zurich


In past years, over 60,000 guests had the pleasure of visiting more than 100 events – with workshops, dinners and tasting sessions – enjoying the entire breadth and depth of the eating and drinking. FOOD ZURICH kicked off with its sold-out Opening Night at the Jelmoli Food Market and culminated in the brilliant FOOD ZURICH Party at "Engrosmarkt" with more than 50 market stalls and 20 chefs de cuisine from Zurich’s best restaurants and hotels to celebrate the end of the festival.


Food Zurich




For more information: https://www.foodzurich.com/en/


Photos: Opening Night and Party ©David Biedert Photography / Market and Eat-In ©Sanjeev Velmurugan


Impressions from Slow Food Youth Events ©Luca Kaspar ©Iona Ionescu / Streetfood Festival ©David Biedert Photography ©Tobias Stahel ©Brendon Mikronis ©Alex Senn


Burning Man Festival

Black Rock Desert, August 27th - September 4th

This is a completely different experience to anything you could imagine. It is more of a journey, of oneself, than an event per se. It's not actually a festival at all, just a congregation of 50,000 people who each undergo a personal transformation during this period. The man is then burnt on the Saturday night and this marks the end of the festival of surviving, creation, development and experience. To have a clearer view of what I am talking about, you literally have to visit this website <here> (or go to the real thing to truly understand).

Anything can happen at the Burning Man Festival.


September Events

Moselle Wine Festival - Bernkastel-Kuse, Germany

1st Week of September

While there is wine tasted and enjoyed all year round along the Moselle - the first week of September celebrates the local wine festival.

September Events

 More information <here>

Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival

22nd-24th September, Ireland

Not only is Galway the World's longest running International Oyster festival, but also one of the most recognised international seafood festivals in the world.

September Events

This weekend of oyster and seafood tasting (accompanied by a cheeky Guinness) in some the greatest restaurants is followed by the renowned 'World Oyster opening Championships' and mardi-gras like processions, then finally (and rather contradictory to an Irish mardi-gras) a series of family events, including music, cooking demonstrations/competitions and fancy dress parties.

Find out all the information here

These two fantastic Dublin hotels not (unfathomably) far from Galway are perfect for the occasion


Great Gorilla Run

16th September - London

Oh yes the great gorilla run...wait what? Yes every year 'The Gorilla Orginization' promote this 7km run through the City of London to help save the endangered mountain gorillas through all the donations recieved. A bit of fun and helps a real cause. Great for anyone who loves to dress up and run, actually it's perfect! Sign up <here>

September Events

La Mercè -

22nd-25th September, Barcelona

A weekend full of traditional and popular cultural events involving all forms of the performing arts and is the festival of the people of Barcelona. Every year a different city of the world is invited to be involved in 'La Mercè' (to better understand the creative panorama of distant cities). Traditionally there are always musketeers (trabucaires), human castles and the beasts of Barcelona (The last day is the grand feast), among other things and is an intensely eccentric and busy festival.

September Events


Find out more details <here>

Goodwood Revival festival

Goodwood Racing Circuit, Near Petworth, UK

8th - 10th September

Enjoy the glamour of Aviation and Motorsport in these fully themed festival where not only the cars, pilots and drivers wear period dress, the spectators dress up too. And with huge style! Three days of up close and personal racing action and aerobatics.

September Events

Book tickets early as they sell out. And for overnight? You'll need to book A YEAR ahead for the best places, such as The Old Railway Station as they are celebrity and enthusiast filled.

Find out more <HERE> 

The World Testicle Cooking Championships

1-3 September, Lipovica, Despotovac, Serbia

Cooking up a storm this year at the 7th annual celebration of cooking these prairie oysters, - and not just bulls. The cooks use testicles from all kinds of animals and birds, including bulls, pigs, ostriches, roosters, kangaroos, or turkeys. We're not sure what Jamie would make of it, but in these times of austerity, perhaps they'll catch on.

Find out more about the BallCup <here>

Medieval Days in Emona, near Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kings and Queens of the world! Do not miss out on the traditional Medieval Days in the old city of Emona ;) You will get an opportunity to meet your companions and chat about the old days. The event will take place on different locations in the city. The main event at the Ljubljana castle will be followed by others at Triple Bridge, Congress Square and City Park. Dancers, musicians, actors, swordsmen and jugglers from Serbia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Slovenia will create an unforgettable medieval experience.
Want to know more? www.mini-teater.si

Best place to stay in Ljubljana?  - try Hostel Trésor... a former bank turned into accommodation <HERE>.

EX PONTO Festival / "New Bridges"

Artistic souls we got something for you as well. The 22nd EX PONTO International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts takes place on different locations in Ljubljana. It is recognizable by the quality program, which combines top-notch theatrical aesthetics with social and political topicality. This year for the first time it will include a program of documentary films from the area of former Yugoslavia. You can get to know more about it here: www.exponto.net

Ljubljana Wine Route 

Want to get tipsy with class? Then do it in style and come to wine tasting and culinary event on the streets of Ljubljana. On this day Podravje wine region will represent its wines in the old city center of Ljubljana.


Egremont Crab Fair, Cumbria, UK

15th and 16th September

Egremont Crab Fair and Sports was established in 1267, which makes it one of the oldest fairs in the world. It combines ancient and traditional events with modern attractions in a unique way, attracting visitors from all over the world. Events start in the early morning and continue into the late evening. We hope you enjoy our website, which will be updated regularly so please come back again and again.

September Events

2013 world championship gurning winner Tommy Mattinson (centre) with runners up Adrian from
            Coventry (left) and Alan "Happy" Hornell (right).  Photograph courtesy of Mike McKenzie.

Why not pay a visit to picturesque Egremont on Crab Fair day and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, catch an apple during the parade of the apple cart, watch or take part in the sports, marvel at the entertainers and displays, then witness the world's finest gurners in action in the evening.

Full details <HERE>


Great River Race - London, UK

Saturday 9th September

The UK Traditional Boat Championship racing a variety of boats, skiffs, dinghys etc. 21.6 Miles from London Docklands to Ham in Surrey.

With entries now well over 300 boats carrying approx. 2,400 competitors racing for 35 trophies, The Great River Race has become the biggest and most prestigious event of its kind in Europe.

More information <here>

Also check out the Cologne / Bonn - Beethovenfest (August and September)



September 7 – 17, 2016

Fine dining, cooking workshops, street kitchens and gourmet parties: the FOOD ZURICH festival is kicking off in style with over 100 events, from tastings to cooking classes, spread across 11 days.

September Events

Festival center
House of Food
FOOD ZURICH extends across the whole city and beyond – but the heart of the action is in the pulsing center of Zurich, at Zwinglistrasse.

Chabis – a Zurich classic
One vegetable, a thousand recipes
“Chabis” means “cabbage” in the Zurich dialect – as well as “nonsense.” Seventy creative restaurants prove that cabbage is anything but nonsense.

Special treat
Zurich Food Tour
Gourmets can get to know Zurich’s culinary side on a tour of the trendy Zurich-West district.

More information HERE

Check out what's happening in October <here>

Please send details, a link and photo to us <here> if GoUnusual have missed a regularly running annual event.

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