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October Events

Posted By John Willison on Nov 08, 2017 at 4:17AM


17th September - 3rd October, Munich - Germany

Octoberfest is a personal Mecca for beer lovers everywhere and any beer fanatic must visit at least once in their lifetime. Essentially a two week festival of experimenting different beers and foods, coupled with the 14 different tents, you are spoilt for choice. It is however fundamental to realise this is not just a two week booze-fest and can be very enjoyable for all ages, with performances and rides happening throughout the whole two weeks (with 2 special family days with discounted prices for these events) and furthermore traditional events such as the religious mass and brass band are not to be taken lightly and are a fundamental part of Oktoberfest.

October Events

For further details about everything visit their website.

Main photo - http://www.muenchen.de


Regional Editor Sharla found time during the planning for Oktoberfest to uncover Hotel Achterbahn (Rollercoaster) - 8 rooms for 8 emotions:

Melancholy, Bliss, Presumption, Ecstasy, Relaxation, Fear, Enlightenment and... Flush (huh?)

Their motto goes like this: 

A ride on the rollercoaster can be many different things. Jump on . Convince yourself.

FYI : Bliss and relaxation are rooms with 4 beds.

Find out more here.

And if you really want to book a Hotel Achterbahn room for Oktoberfest THIS year? Sadly, the answer is: NEIN! 


27th-31st October-UK

Whether you are a 'macho' man or a real scaredy cat when it comes to horror, this will send chills up your spine and give you sleepless nights for years to come. From the weekend before Halloween, there are several Ghost hunts, Haunted Sleepovers and Mystic Dinners, that are held in dozens of destinations (including Prisons and Castles) around the country.

A true go-to if you want a night you will never (perhaps unwillingly) forget. To book or investigate further click here.

For the faint hearted, why not stay in an Unusual Prison hotel?

Lisbon 2nd October

Vodafone Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Running around the streets of Lisbon, this race has a very nice course and is a great opportunity for everyone who would like to visit this new area of Lisbon (where EXPO'98 happened), which is in now devoted to social events (music concerts, walk and bike tours near the river Tagus etc.). Water, sports drinks, fruits, from km 5 (2.5 km and every 2.5 km) and after the Finish Line.<More info here>

Jazz on the 6th October - Frankfurt, Germany

The jazz concerts celebrating the Day of German Unity have been very popular with Frankfurt’s population, attracting many thousands of revellers from the very start. The idea of "Jazz zum Dritten"  (“Jazz on the Third”) has proven to be a very good one, confirming the deep roots that jazz still has in the Main metropolis. Frankfurt am Main is known to be Germany’s leading centre of jazz music.

<Find out more here>

BERLIN - 25th anniversary of Reunification 3rd October

This city is a melting pot of culture, and the weekend of 3rd Oct will provide an opportunnity for the locals and tourists alike to celebrate a 25th Birthday party.

October 14th is Copenhagen Culture Night

This is the evening were Copenhagen bustles with life, entertainment, sense experiences and adventures for children and adults of all ages. Culture Night invites you to go on an exciting cultural journey throughout Copenhagen.
Museums, libraries, educational establishments, theatres, musical venues, churches and many other institutions representing art and culture will open their doors to the public. The official Culture Night opening hours are from six o’clock till midnight, some institutions may however open or close a little later or earlier.
With more than 500 events specially arranged for this one evening, Culture Night is bound to give you an exciting experience that is out of the ordinary.

Find out more <HERE>

Check out what's happening in November <here>

Please send details, a link and photo to us <here> if GoUnusual have missed a regularly running annual event.

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