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November Events

Posted By John Willison on Dec 03, 2018 at 3:21AM

London Bonfire Night

5th/6th November-Various Locations

In remembrance of Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up the houses of Parliament, every year there are superb firework displays all over Britain, but especially in London where large events are organised with several minutes of 'choreographed' fireworks. Normally these events cost to get the best seats, but a well situated hill/hotel can get you a great free show.

For details of the various displays across London, click here.

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Flaming tar Barrels - Ottery St Mary (near Exeter)

Ottery St Mary, about 10 miles East of Exeter celebrates bonfire night with festival where villagers carry flaming tar barrels through their town, as part of a tradition dating back to the 1600s.

November EventsPhoto FlickR Hans Zinsli

The festivities begin in the early evening with children's, youths' and women's events, culminating in the men's event when a total of seventeen barrels are lit outside each of the four pubs in the town. The barrels, increasing in size up to 30 kg, are carried through the town centre.

Only those born in the town, or who have lived there for most of their lives, may carry a barrel.


Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations

5th November

Whatever London (or others) fireworks claim, the worlds biggest bonfire night event is helpd annually in Lewes, West Sussex. Celebrating the failure of the Gunpowder plot, and commemorating the burning at the stake of 17 martyrs in 155-1557 in Lewes, this event has a number of competing Lewes Bonfire Societys - typically 4-7 - with ticketed attractions. Traditionally un-politically correct, parades feature effegies of recent figures from world news and politics. Osama Bin Laden, Vladimir Putin, George W Bush, President Assad, Angela Merkel and Tony Blair have been featured in recent years, as well as the traditional Pope Paul V.  You are unlikely to get tickets on the night, and we recommend getting to the area early - or using public transport. With tens of thousands of revellers, this is a night to wrap up warm, and be fed and watered before you arrive. Bring loose change for the collection boxes.

<Find out more here>

Day of the Dead

30th Oct-2nd Nov-Mexico

This yearly tradition is not to mourn the dead, but simply remember them through different religious celebrations in different parts of Mexico. Despite the name, it is actually a very lively festival as the belief is that souls simply pass on to a further stage in life to rest, and this festival is to honour their dead. Usual traditions are to bring sugar skulls, marigolds and the deceased's favourite food to their place of burial. A moving celebration, with excess tequila and partying after the celebrations are over.
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November Events


Cannabis Cup

18th-22nd November-Amsterdam (Where else?)

This strange 'World Cup' of Cannabis was created in 1987, in which the best strains of Marijuana are tested by 'specialist' judges from around the world to determine several competitions such as "best overall winner" and "best new strain". Anybody can apply to be a judge to test different products from around the world, but only those asked by the event organisers deligate the finals. This is also an opportunity for cannabis-based businesses to have an expo promoting their products, coupled with live comedy and music acts. For more information on how to become a judge or past competitions click here.

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World Championship Punkin Chunkin

4th - 6th November-Delaware USA

At first it can be difficult to understand what this actually entails, but in essence, this is a 'Pumpkin Throwing' competition, but instead of normal throwing competitions, these pumpkins are fired out of home-made air cannons and the current world record stands at 1,690 metres! Anybody can enter (provided you have an air cannon if you want to win) or watch, and the proceeds go towards local community improvement.

Visit here for more information

November Events


Christmas in Tivol, Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a tradition amongst Copenhageners. If you are in Copenhagen during the months of November and December, do not miss Tivoli's Christmas lights, market and entertainment when you're here.

November Events

Father Christmas will be there to welcome you to the 27 fun rides, The Nutcracker Ballet at the Tivoli Concert Hall, an Alp village, stalls selling delicious snacks and warm drinks, and a Nordic Christmas for the entire family to enjoy.

More information <here>


Bath Christmas Market

24th November to the 11th December

Each year, the beautiful area between the stunning Bath Abbey and the internationally renowned visitor attraction, the Roman Baths, is transformed into a Christmas shopper's haven - the Bath Christmas Market.

November Events

Photos with thanks from www.heatheronhertravels.com/

In the heart of Bath's main shopping district, 129 traditional wooden chalets adorn the streets; each one offering unique, handmade and unusual gifts, decorations and food items - everything you will need for the perfect Christmas celebration.

This year it runs from the 24th November to the 11th December. For more information <click here>

November Events

Photos with thanks from www.heatheronhertravels.com/

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Veteran Car Run

Sunday 6th November, Brighton - UK

Visit Brighton where on the Sunday of the first weekend in November you'll see a collection of vintage cars arriving from London as part of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - the worlds longest-running car event. Around 500 pre-1905 cars will stlutter and cough their way from Hyde Park to Brighton in celebration of the Locomotives on the Highways Act, an 1896 law that raised the speed limit from 4mph to 14mph, removing the need for a person running in front with a red flag as well.

More information <here>

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