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Lisbon Story and Belvedere Clocktower

Posted By Guru4Travel on Mar 08, 2016 at 10:14AM

Tucked away in a corner of the main Terreiro do Paço square is the Lisboa Story Centre, the starting point for a 60 minute audio visual journey through 20 centuries of Lisbon's turbulent history.

The Lisbon Story and Belvedere

A combination of audio narrative, diarama areas and even an earthquake visualisation - one of the most destructive to hit Europe, this exhibition showcases the history of this ancient city.

Divided into 5 main exhibition areas, visitors walk through a chronological tour, from early civilisations to the present day.

From the initial myths and realities of the original colonisation, through a depiction of the seaborne trading centre that Lisboa became, it includes a warehouse recreation, which helps keep the visitor interested throughout the tour.

The Lisbon Story Centre and Belvedere Clocktower

Further exhibition areas include the 1st November 1755 Earthquake which left the city in ruins, followed by another area that showcases the city reconstruction under the direction of the Marquis de Pombal. It was his vision that defined the commercial heart of the city and the Terreiro do Paço that we enjoy today.

For those with an interest in How and Why, this intereactive museum answers many questions of this incredible city.

Nearby is the recently opened Belvedere - Bell Tower, offering a vista of the city and the sea.

The Lisbon Story and Belvedere

A few Euros admission allows you to enter the lift up to the main room, inside the central arch. This holds the clock mechanism and a diaorama of the history. Climbing narrow spiral stairs you reach the uppermost deck, behind the statue, offering views out to sea

The Lisbon Story and Belvedere

- and back across the city.

The Lisbon Story and Belvedere

It certainly puts the vision of the Marquis do Pombal's vision for city planning into perspective, and is a good starting point to get your bearings for any tourist.


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Thank you to:

Vítor Carriço of the Turismo de Lisboa Visitors Bureau, for his support in planning this trip and Luisa Adelino of Memoria da Cidade - Lisboa Story centre.

Turismo de Lisboa
Visitors & Convention Bureau
Rua do Arsenal, 23
1100-038 Lisboa


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