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Sleeping with Sharks in Lisbon Aquarium

Posted By Guru4Travel on Mar 08, 2016 at 10:15AM

Their skin is rough and they have huge, razor sharp teeth. They swim at breakneck speed and have scary looks. The sharks of the Lisbon aquarium are ready to welcome overnight guests for school and family groups throughout the year.

Family Programme; Arriving in the early evening, Shark Overnight visitors get to enjoy the wonder of an overnight stay in the Aquarium, with an opportunity to learn more about sharks and how to support their conservation. In the morning, the complete Oceanário de Lisboa exhibition space can be visited.

Price: 60,00 €/participant as part of a family group. A minimum number of guests are required.

Schools Programme; Taking a class to sleep with the sharks is no nightmare! The aquarium team prepare the space, activities and supper; your task is to convince your children to sleep ... because sharks do not sleep!
In the early morning, the group will learn about the conservation of these amazing fish with an amazing history.

Target audience: School groups of up to 25 participants, 4 years old and above.
Price: 50,00 €/participant (one teacher gets free admission per group)

As a bonus, all visits end with the opportunity to visit the rest of the aquarium complex, including areas where you'll see sea otters and penguins.

Ocean Overnight in Lisbon Aquarium

A temporary exhibition space, currently showcasing sea turtles is additionally available for an additional fee.

About the Oceanário de Lisboa

Opened in 1998, the Oceanário was the centerpiece of the XXth Century's last World Fair, themed "The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future", connecting Lisbon to the Oceans.

Sleeping with Sharks in Lisbon Aquarium

Over one million visitors are welcomed every year, and the Oceanário has become the number one tourist attraction in Portugal. With a permanaent exhibition of the oceans and a stunning centrepiece acquarium with sharks, rays and even giant Sunfish, you'll be amazed by a wealth of ocean diversity.

Ocean Overnight in Lisbon Aquarium

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Thank you to Sara Granchinho of Oceanário de Lisboa:

Oceanário de Lisboa, S.A.
Esplanada D. Carlos I - Doca dos Olivais
1990-005 Lisboa

<More information here>

Thank you to Vítor Carriço of the Turismo de Lisboa Visitors Bureau, for his support in planning this trip.

Turismo de Lisboa
Visitors & Convention Bureau
Rua do Arsenal, 23
1100-038 Lisboa

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