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Sardines, Sex and Cocktails in Lisbon

Posted By Guru4Travel on Mar 16, 2018 at 2:54AM

Lisbon nightlife enjoys some amazing cocktail bars, in surprising locations, and GoUnusual went searching for some of the best that this great city has to offer.

In Cais do Sodré, the once seedy red light district, you'll find three really interesting bars - one in a former bordello (Pensão Amor) - one more like a family house (O Bom, O Mau e o Vilão) and the third... in a fishing tackle shop (Sol e Pesca), with cabinets filled with tins of sardines...

The first of thesem Pensão Amor is reached via an artistically painted stairwell - or for the most beautiful, from a street level celebrity entrance...

Sardines, Sex and Cocktails in Lisbon

Inside you'll find a bordello chic of velvet armchairs, mirros and chandeliers - plus an excellent drinks and cocktails menu.

Sardines, Sex and Cocktails in Lisbon

Sol e Pesca is by day a fishing tackle shop, but at night lures it's catch with different bait... Wine and Sardines!

In O Bom, O Mau e o Vilão - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Cais do Sodré, next door to their record shop and 2 along from the bordello, you'll only find amazing cocktails - and smiling, happy people.

GoUnusual's travels uncovered a wealth of amazing places to eat, drink and enjoy in Lisbon.

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Thank you to

Vítor Carriço of the Turismo de Lisboa Visitors Bureau, for his support in planning this trip.

Turismo de Lisboa
Visitors & Convention Bureau
Rua do Arsenal, 23
1100-038 Lisboa
T: +351 210 312 700

Joana Branco Gomes of Mainside Investments for her time, hints and tips of places to see.

Pensão Amor Rua do Alecrim nº 19, 1200-292 Lisboa

O Bom, O Mau e o Vilão Rua Do Alecrim, nº21, 1200 Lisboa

Sol e Pesca Rua Nova do Carvalho, 44 1200-292 Lisboa

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