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Ritter ChocoWorld Berlin

Posted By Guru4Travel on Feb 13, 2017 at 5:11AM

Quality. Chocolate. Squared.

Ritter Sport is Germany's most popular confectionery brand and every year, approx. 1.5 million chocolate fans from all over the world visit the Ritter Sport flagship store ‘Bunte SchokoWelt’ in Berlin-Mitte.

Here guests young and old can discover the journey undergone by a cocoa bean from planting to the finished, delicious, chocolate bar. You'll discover how the square chocolate bar invented by Clara Ritter in 1932, is now the central brand component of Ritter Sport. From minis to large 250g bars, Ritter Sport chocolate is always square. And brightly packaged. Each variety has its own unique color.

The Colorful ChocoWorld site at Gendarmenmarkt makes Berlin the capital of chocolate. Even as you enter there's an irresistibly tempting aroma of chocolate. The three floors give you a chance to treat yourself to everything you fancy, try your hand at being creative and find out all about chocolate.

On the trail of chocolate – with all your senses.

What does a cocoa tree look like? How does a cocoa bean become a bar of chocolate? How does the yoghurt filling get inside? And why is RITTER SPORT square in the first place? Use your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to reveal all the secrets of the “Food of the Gods” and explore the world of chocolate through play.