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Melted Cheese Room in NYC

Posted By Guru4Travel on Sep 15, 2011 at 5:12AM

Searching through archive footage to find reports of Unusual properties and stories, I found this 1999 article about the Washington Jefferson Hotel in NYC. Manager Bob Lindenbaum wanted to create a tourist attraction in his own hotel and offered an artist 1000lbs (450kg) of Cheese, donated by the Swiss Cheese Foundation, to decorate room 114.
Artist Cosimo Cavallero spent many hours microwaving the cheese and spraying it into the room to create a smelly, spooky work of art - best seen in winter.

I'd welcome any replies to confirm if room 114 has since been redecorated... I hope so!
As for the career of Manager Bob Lindenbaum? - he is now President of the hotel Company!

<Room 114>

More about Cosimo's art, including spraying cheese on model Twiggy... <here>

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