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Arctic on a Budget

Posted By Guru4Travel on Feb 14, 2013 at 6:01AM

The Arctic sounds a long way away - but it's closer than you might imagine and easier than you think. One of the most iconic travel destinations is the IceHotel outside Kiruna in the far North of Sweden. Traditional thinking suggests that it is likely to be tricky - and expensive to reach - and if your plans only extend to the traditional flight options, you're probably right. However, as UHOTW's low-cost guru, I've been checking out alternatives...

Direct flights from London to Kiruna are only available on chartered flights booked through companies offering ICEHotel packaged trips - and although they offer an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience, they're not within the reach of everyone.
Booking your own flights from Heathrow to Kiruna involve two aircraft changes - one in Oslo (with an overnight) and a second one in Stockholm Arlanda airport. These cost in excess of £367 one-way and if an overnight in Oslo isn't your thing, cheapest flights via Arlanda (still stopping over) cost £449. Ouch!

In my previous blog, I checked out a low cost option to Luleá - to visit the TreeHotel in Harads, with travel costing around £90. Extending this trip by train to Kiruna unlocked an amazing train deal... The 3½ hour train ride from Lulea (or Boden, near Treehotel) taking you across the Swedish tundra can be advance booked, with reserved seating and air conditioned comfort... for £9.08 !!! Booking direct with Swedish Rail, you can be treated to a view in December of a land in twilight where the sun never rises... Perhaps too, if you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights from your seat.
The short taxi from Kiruna to the IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi isn't cheap (SKr300) when compared to the railfare - but local bus options exist from the town to the ICEHOTEL for those on the tightest budget.
Travelling as a group to allow you to take advantage of splitting taxi and bus transfer costs allows you to get to the ICEHOTEL from London for around £100, with the bonus of an overnight option in the TreeHotel - and an easy train ride across the Arctic circle. You can even buy certificates on the train saying that you crossed this mythical Arctic boundary by train.
On my trip I saw reindeer, moose and enjoyed watching some pretty harsh terrain from the comfort of my seat... yet all the while knew I was being treated to...

...a money-can't-buy experience, for a bargain basement price.

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