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Berlins Barge Swimming Pool

Posted By Guru4Travel on Sep 28, 2016 at 9:23AM

This amazing pool and beach bar is a great example of the quirky entertainment available to the city dwellers of Berlin. A harbored barge functions as a floating swimming pool right in the tradition of old riverside open­air baths. Here you have an unique panoramic view of the river Spree, the Oberbaumbrücke and Berlin’s iconic TV tower.

During summertime they offer Yoga and Stand­Up­Paddling courses and massage treatments. On top of that beach parties and music events take place on a regular basis. A wooden footbridge with hammocks connects the barge containing the pool to the river bank where guests can play beach volleyball or enjoy the sun on fine sand.

 The bar offers a variety of summer cocktails and barbecue for a long, relaxing stay.