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World Sauna Day Helsinki 11 March

Posted By GUNetwork on Jun 26, 2018 at 12:26AM

Helsinki Sauna Day, 11 March

Visitors to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, can enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna any time of the year, but twice a year a very special kind of sauna festival is held. Helsinki Sauna Day on 11th March is an event in which friends and strangers alike can enjoy a sauna together.

World Sauna Day

The sauna has traditionally been a social gathering place among Finns, yet most of the saunas in Helsinki these days are in private use only. Helsinki Sauna Day opens the doors to many private saunas for the public to enjoy. Helsinki Sauna Day features an incredible range of saunas, including saunas in private homes, residential saunas in apartment buildings, rooftop saunas at hotels, tent saunas and portable saunas.  

World Sauna Day
The vast number and variety of saunas inspires many participants to enjoy sauna marathons the last throughout the day. The most enthusiastic sauna-goers have visited up to 17 saunas during the course of Helsinki Sauna Day.

World Sauna Day

Helsinki Sauna Day is representative of Helsinki’s communal urban culture. It also offers visitors the chance to try a truly local experience – a combination of excitement and peace that is unique to Helsinki.

Discover the saunas of Helsinki!

Löyly is a new design sauna opened in spring 2016 at Hernesaari. Löyly offers one smoke sauna and two wood-heated saunas for up to 50 people. There is also a café and a restaurant with a big terrace area open all year round.

Allas Sea Pool is a new floating sea spa and wellness hub with outdoor swimming pools, sauna and restaurant located right in the heart of the city. It will open again in spring 2017 following the completion of the permanent main building.

Kulttuurisauna is architect Tuomas Toivonen´s ecological design-sauna in the shadow of the sculptural Merihaka district. The “Culture Sauna” offers wood pellet-heated saunas for men and women and is open all year round. Ice swimming is possible in winter time.

Three traditional local saunas can be found in the colourful Kallio district: Kotiharjun Sauna, where you can find washing ladies to scrub the living daylights out of you, Sauna Arla founded in 1929 and Sauna Hermanni from the 1950s.

Lapinlahden Lähde is a collective that has brought new life into an old psychiatric hospital. The sauna of the hospital, built in 1880s for the use of the patients, is now open to everyone with separate hours for men and women.

Fill your heart with the steam of saunas in Helsinki! You will find out that the sauna is the heart of Finland: It’s pumping in their blood, it’s written into the Finnish DNA!

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World Sauna Day

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Main Photo: Eetu Ahanen

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Laura Aalto, Development Director
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