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Bedtime stories with a Stranger

Posted By CarlH on Jul 19, 2011 at 10:54AM

Carl gets a lot of cool - and often quirky invitations, and recently saw the following post about artist Madhu Kaza, who travels to strangers homes in the New York City area to read them bedtime stories.

In Here Is Where We Meet, artist Madhu Kaza will travel to individual participant’s homes by appointment to read to them at bedtime. This project is part of the artist’s ongoing Hospitality series, which includes projects that explore social conventions, rituals of domestic and daily life, relations between strangers, hosts and guests, and boundaries of public and intimate space.

Information from the Artist:
To participate in Here is Where We Meet you will need to make an individual appointment. On the scheduled evening Madhu will arrive at your home approximately 15 minutes before your stated bedtime. Once you are in bed, she will sit in a chair beside you and read to you from a book of your choice until you fall asleep. After you are asleep she will let myself out of your house. If you don’t fall asleep (that’s ok, too) she will read to you for a period of time that she will determine.

I remember there was once a British Telecom phone service in the UK promoted that did something along these lines by phone - and was set up by dialing a special access code. I'm interested if anyone remembers it - or was given it by time strapped parents?

Find out more about 'Here is Where We Meet' and Madhu Kaza here

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