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Posted By CarlH on Nov 11, 2011 at 4:22AM

housebites reinvention of the takeaway

The takeaway. The busy Brit's staple meal.

Quick, convenient, ready when you want it ... and, let's be honest, too often underwhelming.

Imagine if you could have the ease of the takeaway, but with the quality of a restaurant meal, delivered to your door. Imagine that it's all prepared by experienced local cooks (all taste-tested beforehand).


housebites have turned the power over to you and the chef. Now you can engage directly with the person who cooks your food and see or provide feedback. And you make the menu by choosing meals you like and telling other people about great chefs you've tried. (After all, you are the best food critic in town).

Housebites chefs love local, love cooking, and love hearing from you.


Food Critic Oliver Thring wrote on twitter


Soup, Sea Bass, New Pots and Salsa verde, Mushroom Risotto, Roast Toms, Salad, Duck rillettes, Salmon pate, Lemon posset for THIRTY QUID

Fed three of us with plenty left over.

Cheaper than a decent pizza and about a million times better


Order-in from local chefs and have home-cooked food delivered to your door.

It's simple, economical, and local. It's re-inventing takeaway.


(But only in Central London right now... hurry up and get to Miami!)

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