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About Emirates Palace Hotel

Service and luxury fit for a King and deserving of an Emperor

This property provides luxury on an immense scale – and represents a majestic venue to rival and eclipse any other luxury resort in the world. Costing 3 Billion USD to build the property, using 20,000 workers over a 3 year period, it is 1km from wing to wing.The private beach is 1.3 km long, and there is a 6.4km jogging trail.
As you’d expect, all of the rooms and suites are luxurious, with the largest Palace suite a huge 680 sqm. Even the smallest of the 394 main rooms is a comfortable 55 sqm

To serve the requests of guests there are 128 kitchens and pantries, who will use 5 kg of pure edible gold per year for decoration mainly on deserts. A total of 200 tonnes of oranges are squeezed for fresh juice every year.

The property takes its design cue from Arabian regal splendour and is topped with 114 domes - the Central Dome at a height of 72.6 metres above ground. Using marble imported from 13 countries across the world, there are 12 external fountains and 8 indoor water features.

All rooms & suites have private balconies / terraces respectively.

Of the1002 chandeliers, the largest weighs an astonishing 2.5 tonnes.

8000 trees were planted in 85 hectares of landscaped gardens.

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saiful epul
Feb 23 2010
very nice.

saiful epul
Feb 23 2010
very nice.

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Emirates Palace Hotel

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Resort Property

Service and luxury fit for a King and deserving of an Emperor
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