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Derek Blyth is a writer and journalist who has lived in Brussels for more than 24 years. Formerly editor of the Brussels English-language weekly The Bulletin, he has written several books on the Low Countries, including Brussels for Pleasure and Flemish Cities Explored. He is co-founder of the discussion forum Café Europa and has contributed to The Guardian, the International Herald Tribune and Metropolitan magazine. He likes to drink coffee at Workshop Café and buy wine at Mig’s. He cycles down the Rue de la Paix to buy croissants at Renard and drinks Poperings Homelbier at Les Brassins.He likes to claim that he knows the city better than anyone else. But it is probably not true.

However, if you’d like to follow Derek’s excellent blog or contact him to join one of his excellent walking tours, click here… or of course Buy a copy of 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels here

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