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American-born Princess Roxy arrived in Europe in the 1980’s with a love of Italy and two suitcases. Today she juggles  a variety of jobs ranging from promoting a popular band of grappa to hotel consulting, editing, translating, freelance travel writing and as a hotel scout. 

She lives in a small town near Venice and travels throughout Europe, having garnered a thorough knowledge of hotels and local attractions. She's specially adept at putting the press in touch with the right contacts in this part of the world. Just the past year she has slept in an ice hotel, a boat, a vintage trailer, a mountaintop lodge, a casbah, a fairy manor, an ex church, a plane, a riad, a water tower, a jumbo jet, a husky lodge, and she’s ready for more. 

She loves adventure, having tried skydiving, sailing, scuba diving, caving, river rafting, ultra light aircraft, and juggling. She’s also trying to learn to play the bongos. Ask her about her mad passion for jazz as well as good food and wine. Funnily enough, this Princess also loves and collects unusual and oddball hotels and people. In a few years she plans to sail around the world in her boat; even sooner if her number comes up on the lottery. Contact her if you need a great bilingual liaison for Italy.

Favourite candy: Turkish delight—the real ones.
Motto: It’s all good

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