Go Unusual Properties for : Gianna

Born in a town in northern Italy famous for its excellent DOCG red wine, Gianna appreciates good wine - especially if tasted along with excellent food and company. With lakes, mountains, hills, rice fields and gorgeous landscapes all around, her parents thought she would get stuck in Piedmont. To their surprise Gianna's life has always been 'on the road'. Perhaps she should have bought a camping van instead of an apartment? Travelling as a student to practice languages or to enjoy holidays abroad, Gianna has never stopped a life on the move, before eventually moving to Rapallo in the Tigullio Gulf, one of the Italian pearls. After selling her business she has been a hotel scout / inspector as well as English teacher, creating and delivering company training courses as well as translations, hotel consultancy and marketing. In Gianna's spare time she keeps travelling and hopes to meet the love of her life half way!

Favourite sport? Twirling of course! Check out her skills when you meet!

Motto: "TRAVEL LIGHT" (especially in your life!)

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