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Born in Buenos Aires, although his name does not sound very Argentinian he certainly feels as one, EriCK has, as most of his compatriots, a mixed European background, a kind of melange of German, Swiss, Spanish and Italian. Certainly, each time he is travelling around people asked him if he is Italian! EriCK studied hotel management and dedicated several years to working in hotel groups such as Leading Hotels, Kempinski and Savoy. Fed up with luxury, he has spent recent years organizing backpack overland packages in Patagonia and incentives at the Sahara.

In addition, he has authored three hotel books, “book hoteles argentinos” and “book hoteles Sudamérica” each with a mixed of unique, designer, special and also luxury hotels. His third book features black and white pictures from his Buenos Aires.

In the era of e-ticket, the only thing he needs for travelling is his camera to record experiences. For everything else, a credit card works fine.

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