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UK born Clare has adapted fantastically to her home of the USA, bringing success by sharing her passion for hospitality and winning many coveted awards and coverage for properties she's managed. From gold rush ghost towns to deep South Art hotel chic, her blend of charm, character and common sense have delivered uncommon results. Her advice and counsel helps properties step into the limelight, and provides travellers with an increasing portfolio of eclectic places to stay.

First travel memory?.....Taking a road trip at the age of 6 with my grandmother, mother and Auntie's through the beautiful countryside of Devon & Cornwall! I can't tell you all the places we stopped along the way, but do remember it included visiting a church everyday for my Grandmother, enjoying a homemade delicacy of each village for my mother who is passionate about cooking, and me enjoying listening to them all giggle along the way before hitting the streets or beaches and enjoying Devonshire ice cream!

Don't leave home without?.....A compass or umbrella! Whilst I love the ability of my iPhone now to tell me my exact whereabouts in the world at a touch of a button and label me as a big flashing blue dot, I still enjoy arriving somewhere new without a serious agenda so I can soak up the spirit of a place, it's culture, walk the streets exploring all the hidden gems and only then log on to ensure I didn't miss something BIG!! If I did, then it just requires turning around and walking back down a street....

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