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We are a publishing and online media group, based in the UK, which promotes properties, events and activities around the world. Focussing on compelling stories, our award winning guides in print and online are dedicated to Experiential travel, the fastest growing global travel segment.

Since 2004, over 7.5 million visitors have checked out properties and every day, over 2,000 people view amazing unique and unusual properties, requesting information and connecting direct. Our blogs and travel ideas are read by over 130,000 people and every year we directly contact over 600,000 people with details of hotel openings, news, promotions and events through our opt-in database.


GoUnusual believes in the courage to stand apart, to seek the road less travelled.
The audacity to make a difference. Curiosity to question why, boldness to question why not.
A thirst for adventure and a passion to stamp our name on a life well lived.
Along the way, we met you. Friends with a lust for exceptional experiences, Unusual and Unique places to stay. Those who realise the difference between being a traveller and a tourist.
Every GoUnusual property has a story. Some are obvious, some are not. But each has stirred us enough to demand that it be shared. And in sharing, we hand the story over to you. Where will you take it?
It’s not about the time.
It’s not about the money.
It’s about how we choose to live our life.     A life less ordinary.

With over 100,000 references to Unusual Hotels Of The World online we’re recognised as Number 1 for Unusual accommodation, helping journalists write amazing stories viewed by millions of readers.

Our website and books have been the recipient of numerous awards including
Finalist Prix Villegiature (France)
Winner Book of the Year 2012 (Food + Travel Magazine)
Winner Travel Book of the Year (Food + Travel Magazine)
Website of the Year (Hospitality Awards)
Best Christmas Present (The Independent)
Website to Watch (The Guardian)

Thank you for supporting this site and celebrating these properties

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We are supported by a great team of Mentors, Contributors, Travel Professionals and Supporters with decades of hotel, travel and trips experience. We are honoured to receive their expertise and direction in Travel Distribution, Hotel Profitability, Regional Promotion, Global Reservation Systems, and Venture Capital Finance.

Our thanks are extended to:

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GoUnusual has a team of contributors from around the world. Many are freelance journalists and specialist travel writers available for article commission. If you are a publication editor looking for the latest information, scoop or location reviews and want to commission one of our team direct, contact us with what you are looking for and we'll put you in touch.

Our network of contributors from around the globe is always looking for enthusiastic people to share their dicoveries. Check out their details here!