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About Holiday Out Hotel

Suspended tent hotel in London for the 2012 Games

This isn't the Holiday Inn....

.... it's the Holiday Out !!!

A stone's throw from the 2012 Olympic Park site in the Wick Community Woodland, this tent hotel starts taking bookings from the end of March.

While it won't provide the 5 Star accommodation worthy of athletes, sponsors, or perhaps the International Olympic Committee, ordinary mortals might find these 9 suspended tents a great low-cost choice.

These temporary tents avoid regulations that are applied to fixed structures - and most cleverly of all, since they don't actually touch the ground, escape normally required planning applications for any structures in protected woodland - and specific regulations near the Olympic Park site.

Register to get further details and early booking information when the site goes live at the end of March.

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Anne Allen
Mar 22 2012
Deffinitely for campers. My idea of roughing it is a Howard Johnsons. NO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

betty bottom
Mar 22 2012
It looks like a tent city for swingers !

Ronita Barwell
Mar 22 2012
Being a camper this is ideal! What an adventure and cheap too would love to give this a go :)

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Holiday Out Hotel

London, United Kingdom
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Suspended tent hotel in London for the 2012 Games
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