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Ariau returns to the jungle

Posted By Guru4Travel on Jan 19, 2017 at 5:59AM

Virtually abandoned since September 2015, when it received the last visit from its creator and owner, businessman Ritta Bernardino, Ariaú has a million-dollar debt with Petrobras Distribuidora, which amounts to R $ 1.5 million, reason enough for the Court of Justice of the State of Amazonas (Tjam) to put it up for auction for R $ 26 million. A legal fight between the heirs of the businessman Francisco Ritta Bernardino also made it unfeasible to take the venture forward.

The wooden walkways, which interconnected the eight towers have rotted under the harsh Amazonian winter and are crumbling. It is dangerous even to walk on them and two of the towers – numbers 1 and 3 are so dangerous that they’ll need to be demolished.

Now only spiders and insects are guests and this once amazing hotel, which hosted Presidents and Popstars is now being reclaimed by the jungle.