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About Lighthouse – Harlingen

Converted Lighthouse in Harlingen historic docks - Near the City Centre.


Sister property to Dockside Crane hotel, Harlingen lighthouse is not difficult to find – it is situated in the heart of the historic docks, rising above the dwellings around it. Look for an Art-Deco designed beacon standing above the surrounding houses. Unlike many lighthouses it has no need to be remote, as it protected navigation from the sandbanks around the port itself.

After climbing the 80 or so steps, you uncover a 3 story luxury haven, providing all-round panoramic views from your bedroom and upstairs lookout, but adding leisure touches such as television, tuner/CD unit, minibar and a hot drinks facility. The bedroom is beautifully equipped, not surprisingly requiring a hand-made (and comfortable) bed. One floor below the bedroom is the bathroom floor with a giant shower and facilities.

Thankfully, the designers have ensured that the nautical theme is retained and the original lantern room at the top provides a VHF radio so you can hear the movements of the shipping traffic, as well as windspeed and direction meters. The outside balcony can also be accessed, should you wish to brave the elements yourself.

Inside is surprisingly spacious, however some of the steps and ladders are steep -so pack your belongings in a soft bag, and travel light.

Looking down on the city and docks below is endlessly fascinating – and looking down on the birds flying even more so. Binoculars are provided !

"In February 1998, I extinguished the light. The lighthouse lost its function after 75 years because of changes to the channels and alterations to the harbour entrance. But there has been a light shining at this spot for much longer. From the middle of the 18th century, fires crackled, acetylene gas lights hissed and the lighthouse light system, now at the bottom of the stairwell, twinkled because the many lighthouses Harlingen had were always rebuilt on the same spot. For centuries, sailors' eyes were fixed on this spot. Now the roles have been wonderfully reversed: the beacon has become a lookout point."

Piet Beuker, Harlingen Lighthouse Keeper from 1970-1998

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chirstian africa
Aug 1 2008
it is so good... i want come there...

chirstian africa
Aug 1 2008
it is so good... i want come there...

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Lighthouse – Harlingen

Harlingen Harbor, Netherlands
Bed & Breakfast

Converted Lighthouse in Harlingen historic docks - Near the City Centre.
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